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Welcome to is THE ORIGINAL Jeannie Bottle site, where all your wishes have been coming true for many years! My name is Mario A.C. Della Casa, and it is my very special privilege to make the I Dream of Jeannie Bottle.

One of my fondest and earliest memories is watching the show while it was originally aired in black and white. Some things just stay with you for life, and Jeannie is one of them.

From that day on, I was hooked!!! I Loved Jeannie, but even more....


I knew that I probably wasn’t the only one who might want a Jeannie bottle of my very own, so I decided to make other fans’ dreams come true by making them! The look of amazement when friends and family would walk into my home and discover Jeannie’s Bottle sitting right there on my fireplace mantel is something I still get a kick out of every single time it happens! It's truly unbelievable.

As a fellow I Dream of Jeannie fan I am sure you can understand that there will be no better feeling than to hold your very own Jeannie bottle for the very first time, pulling off the top and making that first wish! It’s a major rush!

I am certain I speak for all fans of I Dream of Jeannie when I extend a personal “Thank you” to those who gave us the passion to believe that wishes DO come true - the stars of show:

Ms. Barbara Eden (Jeannie, & Jeannie’s Evil Sister), Mr. Larry Hagman (Major Anthony Nelson), and Mr. Bill Daily (Major Roger Healy) of I Dream of Jeannie. To these superior talents, I offer Jeannie Bottles as a tribute to their artistry.

I believe the world would be a better place, if everyone’s wishes came true. I believe in my own small way I am helping dreams & wishes come true when I create this stunning magical bottle.

As an artist I find it a very rewarding challenge to be able to create such a masterpiece. A lot of time, thought, dedication and LOVE goes into making each one, its truly a work of art.

My Gallery Bottles are handcrafted and created in BRASS so they will last forever and will NOT BREAK! They really are truly outstanding, and even Ms. Barbara Eden, Mr. Larry Hagman & Mr. Bill Daily Own My Collection!

On a personal note, what I do is more than just making a bottle. It's all about having you hold it - making all those childhood dreams and heart filled wishes you ever wanted to make. To have your mind and soul slip back in time and actually re-live those happier days.

Most of all, I want to bring back Magic into your lives. My reward is watching that smile appear on your face, believing that wishes DO come true. If this is accomplished, then one of my own wishes have come true.

That said, I would like to thank all of those who believed in me and helped grow to what it is today: The Most Beautiful Lady I know, who just so happens to be My Mother Mrs. Pina Della Casa, my entire family, my children/dogs Jake & Babygirl, my very dear friends Joel McLaughlin (webmaster), Michael L. Edmonds (, Patterson Lundquist (, Carrie Peterman (, Herbie J Pilato (Bewitched Forever), Leah Henry (, James Comisar, ( and the lovely Ms. Valerie Moseley (Icons International). I also express my deepest appreciation to SONY Pictures Entertainment.

And I thank YOU for stopping by.
If I may assist you with anything at all, please feel free to blink me anytime at

Until I hear from you, May All Your Wishes Come True.

Mario A.C. Della Casa
“The JeannieBottle Man ”

Artist & President of Della Casa Designs Inc

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