Jeannie Bottles - One of a kind Genie Bottles

Jeannie Bottles

Mario A.C. Della Casa is the ONLY Artist that was ever Licensed as “The Official Artist” by Sony Entertainment to create the “Authorized I Dream of Jeannie Bottle!”

No Artist can make this claim!

JeannieBottles are beautifully handcrafted & hand painted and created in Unbreakable Brass & a Varity of Stunning Glass.

If you seek a 100% hand painted, one of a kind bottle inspired by the magical “Genie Bottle” that appeared on the television show “I Dream of Jeannie”, with Barbara Eden & Larry Hagman, & Mr. Bill Daily., then look no further.

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The furnished Bottle
The Golden Vines - Brass
2nd Season Purple - Brass
The Silver Vines - Brass
Second Season Mullberry - Brass
Blue Djinn Mirrored Glass

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