Jeannie Bottles - One of a kind Genie Bottles

Jeannie Bottles - Celebrity Quotes

Larry Hagman as The Master (I Dream Of Jeannie & Dallas)

"The paint work is unbelievably beautiful and it is a real work of art and will enjoy a prominent place in my memorabilia room. I originally received a bottle from Mario Della Casa and it is so beautiful I keep it on my coffee table in my den so everybody can admire it. Believe me, it demands respect and admiration. It is absolutely beautiful."

Mario… Who makes the Best bottle in town?
LH; You Do! The best bottle in the world, And the heaviest too!
Mario. So go to right now
LH: Yeah! Go get Em!

Barbara Eden as The Jeannie(On I Dream of Jeannie)

"I am so proud to own merchandise in my own private collection!"

James Comisar, Curator, "The Comisar Collection."

"A Mario Della Casa bottle is nothing less than a Jeannie blink back to your childhood. His meticulous painting on a substantial brass bottle makes this keepsake as enduring as your own memories about bygone days filled with family, friends and classic television. I own an original Jeannie bottle from I DREAM OF JEANNIE, and while it is a cherished treasure worth tens of thousands of dollars, it does not dazzle the eye like Mario's loving reproductions."

Bill Daily: 'Major Roger Healey' on "I Dream Of Jeannie" & The Bob Newhart Show.

"Mario makes the best bottles in the world, fortunately he gave me one of these, I live in New Mexico, and my wife has a shop. It's got a little light inside and Jeannie's inside when you turn it on, and she sells so much clothes from this bottle!

Mario is not only a GREAT artist, but he is a very good friend of mine, he is a real talented guy, and it just blows my mind what he can do with a paintbrush. People who know me, know that I don't hold on to things for long, but I'll tell you right now, Mario's artwork isn't going ANYWHERE! If you like Jeannie's Bottle take it from me, only get yours from MARIO, The Real JeannieBottle Man!!

Patterson Lundquist owner of (I Dream of Jeannie Expert/Historian)

"I can't explain it, but holding my little bottle just feels amazing, like magic. Once you own one of Mario's bottles you'll understand."

Even Jeannie Bottles Swooned The Cast of Bewitched!

Erin Murphy as Tabitha (Bewitched)

"I just love them, there the best! Take my word for it! Mario is the best artist around!"

Kasey Rogers as Louise Tate (Bewitched)

"The craftsmanship is unbeatable. The details are just lovely, and I love my bottle!

Bernard Fox as Dr. Bombay Bewitched / I Dream of Jeannie / The Mummy

"Mario's Bottles are simply Bewitching! His Artistry alone is magical!"

David and Greg Mandel as Adam Stephens (Bewitched)

Greg: "What a great idea, I always loved this bottle and I am glad that I have one! Mario is just great!" David said, "Fantastic bottle, you can't beat"

What others had to say!

Liz Sheridan (Seinfeld)

"I have mine in my dining room, and I keep finding myself going to it to make more wishes. The bottle is beautiful and Mario is the best!"

Rose Marie (The Dick Van Dyke Show)

"What a great bottle, Mario gave me one to put up for an auction to generate money for the HUMANE SOCIETY! What a great guy!"

Butch Patrick (The Munsters)

"I love this bottle, there really is a genie inside! The paint job is great!"

Ken Osmand as Eddie Hascul (Leave it to Beaver)

"I always wanted a bottle, ever since I saw the original show, Mario made a childhood dream come true!"

Greg Evigan (BJ and The Bear)

"You can't beat this bottle, its great and its beautiful. Buy two of them!"

Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade, and Falcon Crest)

"Totally Beautiful, I can't believe I found it, I have always wanted one! Thank you Mario so much for making my bottle! I will always love it!"

Larry Thomas as Soup Nazi (Seinfeld)

"No Soup For You, Get Out! Unless you buy a bottle from Mario"

Star Trek Next Generation

Wil Wheaton (Star Trek as Wesley Crusher)

GI really have to say, this bottle really is great, I like the details very much, I grew up with Jeannie, and always wanted to have my own Jeannie Bottle, and thanks to you Mario I finally have it, thank you so much!

Brent Spiner (Star Trek as Data)

I love it! My Golden Vines bottle its just Beautiful, I always loved I Dream of Jeanie. Thanks Mario for making me a special bottle!


Robert Picardo (Voyager Doctor)

Mario, I Love it, its beautiful I bet I am going to have to fight my daughter over it!

Ethan Phillips (Voyager Nelix)

WOW ! This is really a work of art, I love the details Mario’s the best! Thank you so much!

Dead Zone

John L. Adams (Dead Zone)

"Thank you Mario for making me such a great bottle, you are VERY TALENTED!, You will be hearing from me again!"

Chris Bruno (Dead Zone)

Mario’s work is just the greatest, Brings me back in time when I see it, I REALLY love my bottle, thank you Mario!

Anthony Michael Hall (Dead Zone

As a Lover of Nostalgia, I have to say, Mario’s work is AMAZING, I will cherish my Jeannie Bottle forever, the details are PERFECT, and its very classy

Kristen Dalton (Dead Zone)

I LOVE my Evil sister bottle! Mario’s work is just great! The Colors are vibrant and the attention Mario places on every bottle is perfection!

Star Wars

Peter Mayhew (Star Wars as Chewbacca)

I just love it. I have a very special place for it in my curio cabinet, where it is displayed beautifully. Your craftsmanship is to be admired to all who see it. Brilliant & talented you are Mario.

Ray Park (Star Wars as Darth Maul)

I have always wanted a Jeannie Bottle, I am very happy I finally was able to get one, the details are great, and my wife Lisa loves it too. Thank you Mario, its really the best!

Stargate SG1

Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson)

You know It’s really very beautiful, I admire the quality and the magic you feel when you hold it. Its really quite powerful!

Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter)

I am so blown away by the beauty and work it took to make this very special bottle. Everyone need to get one! They are just wonderful, and so are you Mario!

Tony Amendola (Master Bra’Tac)

Very Classy, Mario shows such passion in his work, it’s a true work of art! I will tell everyone to get one from you!


Scott L. Schwartz (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Oceans 11 Played Bruiser)

I have had many birthdays in my life but I gotta say, this is the best gift I ever got in my life when my friend Mario made my bottle for me it was like having a wish come true! Everybody needs to buy one from you!!!


Anthony Montgomery (Enterprise)

I know my daughter is going to love her bottle, and I love my Reunion bottle, Mario you’re really the best guy to work with, and I am going to display your work of art very proudly in my home!

More Actors / Actresses

Richard Kiel (I Dream of Jeannie, James Bond, & Jaws)

You know I was on I Dream of Jeannie, There’s a picture of us on my website. Its funny, I have always wanted this bottle, and I am very happy that I have it now! Thank you Mario for making a long wanted wish of mine come true!

Gina Torres (24, Dark Angel, Matrix Sequels)

I fell in love with Mario’s artwork the moment I saw them. His talent is amazing, and I will always love my Golden Vines Bottle, Thank you So much Mario for making me the most beautiful art piece ever!

John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Sliders)

The Quality and craftsmanship that Mario puts into his work is simply outstanding, I don’t know much about I Dream of Jeannie but I do know art, and this bottle is a true masterpiece that deserves the highest admiration.

Linda Blair: The Exorcist

Mario and I clicked the moment we met, I knew when I saw his artwork that he is the kind of guy I really wanted to get to know, and I am so glad I know him. His bottles and artwork are just amazing! Anyone who ever wanted to own a true historical piece of television nostalgia needs to buy a bottle from Mario. They're more than just stunning and magical; believe me when I tell you that "possessing" one of Mario's bottles is a true "Head Spinning" Experience!

Ken Norton: Heavyweight Fighter

I may have broke Muhammad Ali's Jaw, but it was MY Jaw that fell to the floor after I got my bottle from Mario! I have the most beautiful bottle you have ever seen in your life, and if you want one too you need to order one from Mario right now! Thank you Mario for making me my Beautiful Bottle, I really love it!!!!!

Juliet Mills: "Nanny & The Professor" and 'Tabitha Lenox' on "Passions"

I remember when Mario made the Hecuba bottle for the cast to use on the show. I told the Producer I wanted to keep that bottle but they said "NO". When Mario told me I could have one of my very own, I was thrilled, I couldn't have ordered it faster! Thank you Mario, you sure know how to please a woman!

Joyce DeWitt: 'Janet' on (Three's Company)

"It's so funny, I went to a friends house who has one of Mario's Bottles on his fireplace, I loved it so much I offered to buy it from him on the spot! When my friend introduced me to Mario, and I was able to get my own, it made a childhood wish come true! You have no idea how much I LOVE MY BOTTLE! THANK YOU MARIO, YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!"

Bob May: 'The Robot' on "Lost In Space"

There isn't any Danger Here Will Robinson, The only thing you will find is Great nostalgia done with passion and love. Mario makes it very obvious, that he has a Genuine love for his art, and I am very proud to own one of Mario's bottles!


All my life I wanted to own Jeannie's Bottle, I drove both my mother & father crazy as a child blinking all the time, making things appear and disappear. I loved all the television shows that had anything to do with "Powers", but I was truly so obsessed with Jeannie! You have no idea just how beautiful and magical this bottle is until your holding it in your hands. Mario seriously made one of my fondest and early childhood dreams come true by creating this bottle for me. I can’t believe after all these years I finally have one, I am so happy right now you dont even know! Thank you Mario, Thank you so much!! I will love this bottle forever!

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